Recipes for Healthy, Low Calorie Mini Meals

My Take Shape For Life Story

This blog was born as the result of looking for recipes for mini meals to use while transitioning off of Take Shape for Life (powered by Medifast) and not finding any! The premise of Take Shape For Life is eating 6 small meals every 2-3 hours each day, but while on the weight loss program, 5 out of the 6 meals are pre-packaged Medifast Meal Replacements (like shakes, bars, pudding, soup, chili, etc). When you reach your goal weight, you can transition off the Medifast Meal Replacements and that’s where this blog comes in. My goal is to provide simple, healthy and low- calorie recipes in small amounts that allow you to eat more frequently during the day and who doesn’t love to eat! Based on Dr. Wayne Anderson’s book, Dr. A's Habits of Health, and the companion guide, Living a Longer, Healthier Life, I will hunt down recipes for mini meals and provide tips and support for those also on the Take Shape For Life journey. Come join me at Simply Mini Meals!

Mint Chocolate Flax Muffin

One of the blogs I read daily on feedly is Sugar-Free Mom. I like that she provides recipes without sugar which fit really well into Take Shape for Life health coaching!

One of her recent recipes that looks amazing is called Single Serve Mint Chocolate Flax Muffin which is gluten-free and sugar-free and under 200 calories! I can’t wait to try this and play around with the ingredients a little!

Single Serving Mint Chocolate Flax Muffin

I’ve Become a Take Shape For Life Health Coach!!

Boy have I gone and done it now! I’ve taken the next step in my weight loss journey and I’ve signed up to become a Take Shape for Life Health Coach!! I’ve lost 45 pounds* since April 1st, 2013 and I’m feeling great!! So what does it all mean for you? It means if you’re interested in losing weight and making a lifestyle change to eat more healthy, please feel free to contact me at and I can explain how the Healthy Habits program works!

*Results vary.
Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan? is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week

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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try (or buy) Medifast.  Congratulations!  It’s been a huge help to me as I have lost close to 40 pounds so far and well on my way to the 50 pounds total that I want to lose.  Now that you have a box full of … [Continue reading]